Lord Wobbler is back, and he stole all the space dragon eggs!

Eirwen, the space dragon, will have to fight the Lord and the evil Wobblerinos in order to recover as many dragon eggs as possible!

This is my very first Unity/C# project, realized by following a Unity course on Udemy, by Jonathan Weinberger @ GameDevHQ. 

This has been a very good exercise for me to learn and practice all these skills, while learning them.

All the coding has been hand-written following the course, and the audio has been borrowed by the provided game assets; this said, the graphic assets and alot of code editing have been made entirely by me.

I know this project is nothing special but it is, hopefully, the first timid step of a long run of game developement!

Thank you for your support!


The return of Lord Wobbler (PC build).zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP archive and extract it wherever you want. Start the EXE file "The return of Lord Wobbler". Enjoy!


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art is nice. concept too. sounds and music are stock so I won't judge. AI is very simple, you may want to add some variety with enemies and some kind of boss here and there, but for being your very first work, full grades!

Why, thank you very much! This really means alot :) I will start working on the AI more and more... if not for this game, for future projects for sure!